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My first post


Hey there, reader!

Exciting times – this marks my first blog post after giving my website a much-needed makeover. It lingered on my to-do list, patiently waiting for my PhD to wrap up. Built with Hugo and styled with Tailwind, the entire experience was a rediscovery after a prolonged absence from serious online development.

I also included a new Photography section, powered by this excellent module. I’ll make an effort to keep it updated, as I no longer feel other platforms are suitable for sharing my work. 500px and Flickr seem to have hit a dead end, and Instagram is more about cute kitten videos. Expect to see galleries of my favorite shots and complete albums from my travels.

And then, there’s this little Blog space I’ve created for myself. Its fate is uncertain – will it endure, or will it be retired when I realize my commitment wavers? The goal is to find a place for topics I personally find interesting and would like to remember for the future. Since blogs aren’t in vogue anymore, it felt like the perfect time to kickstart one.